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Atlas Ministry Partnership

Five Ways to Become a Part of the Atlas Team

ATLAS of the Lakes Area strives to be a place that can offer hope when there seems to be none.

We are so much more than the ministry that our limited staff can offer.

There are many ways to link arms with us to make a difference in the lives of so many in our community!

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1.  Staff Opportunities

Becoming a member of the Atlas of the Lakes Area staff is an on-going opportunity for area people who feel the call to full or part time ministry work.

As the ministry grows, defined staff positions will become available.

We also will always look at creative ideas for new ministry positions

that make sense within the Mission and Vision Statements of the Atlas ministry.

Join the Atlas Team


                  The Atlas of the Lakes Area ministry team provides diverse opportunities to become involved.

The five types of participation are all critical to the overall success of providing help for Lakes Area residents facing struggles.

Joining the team in any way that fits your skills and the time you have available is always welcomed.

Many supporters participate in several of the areas of ministry support.

We invite you to start small, grow in your love for the ministry, and expand your role as a ministry partner.

We will be blessed by your participation and firmly believe that you, in turn, will also be richly rewarded.

Referrals – The Foundation of the Atlas Ministry

One final way for everyone to participate is in the Atlas ministry is to continually be looking

for people around you who are struggling and in need of help.

All of us, at one time or another, need a helping hand.

Anyone can encourage potential clients to seek assistance from the Atlas staff.

Many people choose to hide their problems to protect their image with others.

We hope to be a listening ear to all types of people and find that just having someone

to share their situation with can make a big difference.

Your courage to suggest Atlas as a source of help may provide for

a bettered life for anyone who responds to your recommendation.

The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger coincide.


— Frederick Buechner

Help Us Help Others Change Their Lives

If you'd like to contribute financially,

here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

Make a tax deductible donation‏.

By Mail

Send your check to

PO Box 201

Arnolds Park, IA 51331

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