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ATLAS Executive Director-

Tonya Kuranda

   Tonya was named Executive Director of ATLAS on December 1, 2023, after serving on staff since June of 2022. Kuranda came to ATLAS with experience in the nonprofit world. She most recently was Director of a Federal Grant given to the University of Central Missouri. Prior to that responsibility she worked in Wyoming at a crisis pregnancy center. We welcome Kuranda and look forward to how she will direct the ministry in the future.

     The previous Director, Dave Butterworth stated, "Through God's leading, all my hope for ATLAS of the Lakes ministry, that was started in 2019, have been reached. And now, I have confidence in Tonya that she will continue to lead the ministry by every day following God's leading."

      Kuranda is excited about the direction of the ministry and said, "Personally, this ministry calling has confirmed why I was made with certain traits, traits that are sometimes misunderstood by my friends and family. As a part of ATLAS, God has allowed me to embrace these gifts and use them for HIS glory. I have found joy in this calling that stems from something much bigger than myself. As He allows, I will continue to dive into this calling with great purpose and commitment. I will end with the verse I shared when I was first hired, "Here I am Lord, send me"-Isaiah 6:8."





Board President- Roland Schmidt 

       Schmidt has been the Board President since fall of 2023 and has served as a Board member since the inception of the ministry in 2022.

      Regarding the new director Schmidt states: "As we go forward, we know that Tonya is well prepared to direct the ministry."


Tonya Falls_edited_edited.jpg

ATLAS Board of Directors:

Greg Jorgensen, Roland Schmidt(President)Clay Norris(Vice-President),

Stacy Ahrenstorff, Sandy Krout(Secretary)

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