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To Do What We Do, We Depend on You!

We make a difference, one life at a time, through the personal interaction with those who cross our path.

Our services are completely free to our clients and therefore, we cannot serve without our generous financial donors.

Please help us provide for change, growth, and renewal in hurting lives. If you’d like to contribute financially to the Atlas Mission and Vision then


"We Want Your Donation Used Where Your Heart Is. Please Specify."

     Our expenses fall into three primary areas: monthly overhead items, payroll, and client benevolence costs. Overhead items make up a very small

portion of our overall budget. Payroll makes up the major part of the budget as we provide staff to carry out the face-to-face interaction with our clients.

Benevolence spending is the final ministry spending category. We spend client benevolence dollars on a very carefully guarded basis because we have

learned that money does not solve people's problems, only delays them. Any large client gift is given only after a relationship of proven trust has been

established and most often offered as a no-interest, un-timed loan. We are not a "hand out" organization. We will carefully honor the requests of those

who wish to support the benevolence needs of our clients.

Please make this choice known by selecting "Specific Client Needs" below or noting it in the subject line of your check. 


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Specific Client Needs
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If you prefer using Venmo search
Mail a check to Atlas, PO Box 201, Arnolds Park, IA 51331
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