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ATLAS Services

As ATLAS builds relationships with clients, we open levels of trust that only God can perform. ATLAS' services are His services and ATLAS will continue to follow His leading.

ATLAS of the Lakes Area offers a wide range of services to support the high need community. From food insecurity and housing support to rental assistance and transportation support, ATLAS is here to help. ATLAS' services also include employment resume support, special grant availability, mentoring, life-coaching, budget planning, domestic abuse support-referral, energy assistance, and employment support and advocacy. Explore the details of each service below to learn more.

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Food Insecurity

ATLAS' food insecurity service aims to provide assistance to individuals and families who are facing challenges in accessing nutritious meals. ATLAS offers help to find food pantries in the area, meal planning guidance, and assistance with EBT- food stamps applications.

Greek Island

Housing Support

At ATLAS of the Lakes Area, we know the importance of having a safe and stable home. ATLAS' housing support services include housing counseling, rental assistance programs, and information on affordable housing options. ATLAS strives to ensure that everyone in the community has access to suitable housing.

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Transportation Support

Transportation plays a vital role in accessing essential services and opportunities. The ATLAS transportation support services aim to address transportation barriers faced by individuals in the community. ATLAS provides information on public transportation options, assistance with transportation arrangements, and resources for affordable transportation solutions.

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